Here at Olds Fertilizer we pride ourselves on providing reliable top end service to our valued customers. Our staff at Olds Fertilizers allows us to deliver this. We enjoy seeing our customers succeed in there business and are happy to be a part of that process.
Reg Olsen
Brent Herzog
Taylor Olsen
Kelly Hays
Cindy Hays
Patty Olsen
Kelly Olsen
Gord Olsen
Harley Sabattis
Gene Simmons
Randy Thomas
Sharon Olsen
Gary Bruneski
Roland Weir
Brett Durand
I am pleased to introduce you to our OLDS FERTILIZERS family. It has been said "surround yourself with good people and good things happen". We believe that the employees and customers we have reflect this statement.

Excellent customers, strong agronomic consulting and reliable timely field services makes for enjoyable & profitable Agricultural businesses.

Thank you to both our Customers and employees.

Best Regards

Reg Olsen